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ISPO Academy Scandinavia

9 April 2019, Stockholm


The next ISPO Academy 2019 in Stockholm will focus on digital marketplaces. How will Amazon and other marketplaces affect online and offline trading? How will European consumers behavior change, how to adapt, survive and stay on top of the game?

Venue: Haymarket by Scandic, Stockholm

9 April 2019, Stockholm 11.30 – 22.00 


Venue: Haymarket by Scandic, Hötorget 13-15, 111 57 Stockholm

11.30 – 12.30   Registration for delegates

12.30 – 13.30   Lunch -Pauls restaurant

13.30 -13.40    Introduction of moderators

13.40 – 14.10   Magnus Ohlsson CEO, We Hunt For Heads (SE)

14.10 – 14.55   Keynote: Larry Pluimer, CEO & Founder, lndigitous (ENG)

14.55 -15.05    Partner introduction: Four Source and Summa Linguae         Technologies

15.05- 15.30    Coffee break

15.30 – 16.00   Jonas Carlsson CEO, The Friendly Swede (SE)

16.00 – 16.30   Carl Helgesson, CEO & Founder, Rankona Mazon (SE)

16.30 -16.50    Panel debate (SE)

The program ends with a panel discussion with future consumers led by Martin Kössler, HuginBiz, Claes Forsberg, Sv. Sportforum & Sofia Norén, Communication & Growth Manger, Swish.

16.50 -17.15   Round-up och closing

17.00 – 18.30   Mingle

Evening Program


18.30 – 21.00   Industry dinner (Gear of the Year/ Sportfack & Sv. Sportforum Business woman of the year awards dinner. Hosted by Sportfack.


About the speakers:

Opening Speech: Retail and the Digital Revolution

Speaker: Magnus Ohlsson, CEO, We Hunt for Heads

In short: The change within the retail sector is fast now. The shift in retail is partly about digitization and partly about a brand’s ability to create customer benefit. Magnus will speak about what role the physical retail store will play after the digital shift.

About the speaker:

Magnus´s journey in retail started in 1994. In recent years, the boardroom has been his primary arena. His curiosity for the changes now taking place makes him constantly be in the forefront of how today´s changes will affect our business in the future.


International Keynote:

TITLE: Amazon and the Outdoor lndustry – 10 Years of reflections & predictions

Speaker: Larry Pluimer, CEO & Founder, lndigitous

In short: Amazon is the most disruptive, influential and dynamic commerce engine in the history of retail. ln 2009, Amazon’s retail division officially opened its Outdoor Recreation category to customers in the US. Leading that initiative was Larry Pluimer, who shares his reflections of Amazon, its impact on the outdoor industry, and the implications for the future.

About the speaker:

Larry Pluimer’s career was forged at the intersection of e-commerce and the outdoor industry. Working as an outdoor industry professional at Arc’teryx in Canada, Larry was recruited by Amazon to engage outdoor brands for their participation in the launch of the US online retailer’s outdoor category in 2008. ln the years since, Larry has been providing brands with insights and advice to successfully navigate Amazon. He offers strategic services for brands working with Amazon and is headquartered in Seattle amidst the sprawling Amazon campus.


Amazon A-Z: Brain picking of an Amazon trade partner veteran

Speaker: Carl Helgesson, CEO and founder of Rankona Mazon

In short: Why wait for Amazon to come to Scandinavia when you already have global opportunities with Amazon today! Carl will explain very hands-on how Amazon works by sharing his experiences about possibilities and challenges to succeed in this global marketplace.

About the speaker:

Rankona Mazon has more than 25 years of collective experience of helping brands on Amazon. Their ranking strategists have all encountered the issues and challenges that you deal with. o today. They gathered learning-by-doing knowledge over the years and navigate as familiar in the Amazon ecosystem like in their own neighborhood. Rankona Mazon guides business with their competence and experience to successful business on Amazon.


Success case: Amazon as a marketplace – Experiences, lessons, and future orientation

Speaker: Jonas Carlsson, CEO, The Friendly Swede:

About the company:

The Friendly Swede was founded and launched on Amazon in the USA  in 2011 by John Lundqvist. Since then The Friendly Swede has grown with Amazon to 7 countries on 3 continents. Over the years, the range has been relatively wide, ranging from electronics, accessories, outdoor gear, sports equipment, bags & accessories. Launching on Amazon in the USA as Amazon opened in other countries. The Friendly has been profitable and had a strong growth until 2016. Suddenly the business on Amazon changed. Last year The Friendly Swede had to start focusing, brand-building and begin to communicate. The company has now abandoned its Amazon only strategy.


Panel discussion and takeaways

Final focus point if the ISPO Academy program is the panel discussion between some of Scandinavia´s leading retailers and representatives of tomorrow´s consumers.

After the seminar, there is plenty of networking opportunities at our ISPO Academy AW mingle. We hope that you can join us for the sports industry banquet with Sportfack´s Gear of the Year Awards, Svenskt Sportforum’s Businesswoman of the year and HuginBiz´Cooperator of the Year Award, commencing at 18.30.


Networking and Industry Awards Dinner

Industry banquet including Swedish Sportsforums Sports Business Woman of the Year, Sportfacks Gear of the Year Award ceremony and HuginBiz cooperator of the year.


The ISPO Academy about Digitalization is organized in Stockholm in organized by HuginBiz and in cooperation with Svenskt Sportforum, Sportfack and Scandinavian Outdoor Group.

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Max 100 delegates.

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ISPO Digital Academy Scandinavia: How to survive and become a winner in the digital transformation
9 April 2019, Stockholm

Venue: Haymarket by Scandic, Hötorget 13-15, Stockholm

The prices are excluding VAT.

Max 100 delegates

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