A European market leader outdoor brand wanted to expand to Asia. We first audited their existing IP, brand communication products, resources, competences and routines, then identified the needed to-do’s before it made sense to launch. We then provided and helped implement a preparation check-list and timeline with individual accountability. 

We selected launch markets, recommended distribution and channel strategies, selected and introduced partners, helped negotiate terms and draft agreements. We facilitated the new relations, helped develop go-to-market plans and supported launch activities and brand communications. It is considered the best European outdoor brand to launch in Asia.

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ISPO Gold Award winning market launch – ingredient branding

Upsalite® is the world’s only porous magnesium carbonate. This ‘impossible material’ was invented at Uppsala University in Sweden in 2012, after almost a century of trying. Today, Upsalite® is a revolutionary ingredient in moisture management for your skin.

Ask any climber, gymnast or weightlifter about the value of a good grip, or any pro runner, cyclist, triathlete or hiker: about the value of preventing blisters and chafing to extend their personal limits. We at Huginbiz have come far with “Disruptive Materials” and helped firmly established Upsalite® as an ingredient brand, developed its strategy, initiated partnerships with innovative global brands and carved out the launch plans and marketing support programs, all of which have proven impactful and award winning.



A supersmart person with a crazy vision asked for help to start a global brand when it was still just an idea. We believed in his vision, but got him out of fighting windmills.

Over the years, we helped with everything from sourcing, setting up distribution, and picking the right location at the right trade shows. He built a global brand in record time, exited, and is now well on his way with his 2nd global brand journey. We are still as easily attracted by his start-up creativity and energy. It makes us look old but feel young!

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