About us

About us

We are proud to have earned the reputation as the world´s most connected and leading experts in international business for sport, outdoor, lifestyle and textile distribution.

Our knowledge, network and relations are based on our team members previous operational and executive experiences.

Based in Sweden, together with our global partner team, we have been helping brands from all continents to go and grow abroad since 2004. We connect people and business globally regardless of origin. Together with our team in China, we offer market introduction program and off-line/ on-line distribution match-making in China since 2005.

We have a strong belief in win-win philosophy. We initiate and facilitate cooperation, even between competing customers. It’s often a winning concept to make the cake bigger. We also regularly organize industry summits, seminars, work-shops and training programs.

We respect customer integrity but you should really not worry about it. What works for one brand will not work for the next. Our recommendations are the result of analyzing your specific position, resources, routines and skills.

We are proud to serve more than 200 companies with various services each year and are proud to have some of our clients amongst the winners of the Best Export Company of the Year Award in Sweden. We are also proud to be chosen as Scandinavian representatives for the leading sport trade shows in the world.

Our registered trademark HuginBiz® is a handy abbreviation of our company name Helping You Grow International Business. But it also has a deeper logic; in Nordic mythology, Hugin was one of the God Odin’s two ravens with the special ability to understand what was on people´s minds. Each day Hugin would fly around the world to return in the evening and report what was going on. this way Odin could make well- grounded decisions. Our ambition is to be of equal help to our clients.

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