About us

About us

We have been helping companies to go and grow abroad since 2004. The knowledge and network at your disposal is the result of decades of accumulated learnings and experiences. Our best lessons were often costly, sometimes our best advice is what not to do rather than what to do!

Our knowledge is most useful for companies with branded lifestyle consumer products. Our expertise is sport, outdoor, fitness and fashion segments. We specialize in helping with sales distribution oriented projects. By the end of the day, it’s what counts.

We are based in Scandinavia but to our (your) help we are lucky to have long, reliable and truly friendly relations with former senior executives, connected in a global network to help our clients with local expertise in all key markets. We can connect people and business globally regardless of origin.

We have a strong belief in win-win philosophy and a giver’s gain mentality. What comes around goes around. Whenever we can we try to shape and facilitate networks, also between competing customers. It’s often a winning concept to team up to make a cake bigger than fighting over slices.

We respect customer integrity. All persons and companies are unique anyway. Our strategy advice is the result of analysing your internal resources, routines and skills with some adjustments for market potential analysis rather than the other way around.

We serve more than 200 companies with various services each year and are proud to have some of our clients amongst the winners of the Best Export Company of the Year Award in Sweden. We are also proud to be chosen as Scandinavian representatives for the leading sport trade shows in the world.

In Nordic mythology, Hugin is one of Odin’s two ravens with the gift for sensing people’s mood and mind-set. Each day he flew around the world to return and whisper in Odin’s ear forecasting what would happen. In this way Odin became wise and successful.

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